The Erie Canal, but first “Crossing our Wake”….

Dilemma…we have always considered Kingston, Ontario as our starting point of the Loop. However, we will be ending our trip on Lake Erie in order to truck Friendly Cove from a US location to Anacortes, in Washington State.  So we have determined that “Crossing our Wake” in Looper vernacular is now in New York State, on the Erie Canal at Palmyra (near Rochester), the equivalent milage of going across Lake Ontario to Kingston from Oswego.   We completed 3,167 miles in the fall, and 1,896 miles by the time we reach Palmyra on the 27th May, 2015, for a total of 5,063 statute miles.I hope that the attached map helps you to understand our calculations and location for completing the Loop. Palmyra is east of Rochester on the Map, home of Joseph Smith, father of the Mormon faith.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.46.27 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.48.08 PM
This map shows our path up the Hudson River to the Erie Canal. Palmyra is at mile 236 from the starting point of the Erie Canal on the Hudson River

Happily, we celebrated a little early on the 25th May with Ken and Pauline from Shipperly when we caught up with them in Brewerton, at the western end of Lake Oneida. As mentioned before, we are amongst the lead Loopers coming up the East Coast, so most of our big river buddies are about two weeks behind in Cape May and the Chesapeake Bay area. Of note, Jaya is the first Schnoodle to “do” the Loop in 2015!!!


Ken and Pauline Phillips from Shipperly are our witnesses for crossing our wake and helped celebrate!
Jaya did not notice!

Planning and concerns about what to do with Friendly Cove are somewhat clouding the sense of accomplishment at this time, but we know that completing the Loop is a great accomplishment!  Inland waterways were and still are a new challenge for us saltwater sailors; no day is the same or without a surprise on the rivers and canals. Imagine not having electronic or paper charts, the last 70 miles of the canal do not have charts! These last 62 miles have 72 bridges, some as low as 16 feet, not to mention the 35 locks along the 338 miles of canal. So now we are “Gold Loopers” without a Gold Looper burgee, which will arrive in Victoria!  A big thank you to family and friends who have joined us and or supported us from afar and to all the Looper friends who have provided so much wisdom and enjoyment!

We are still firming up plans to have Friendly Cove trucked from the Cleveland or Toledo area to Anacortes. The Western Erie Canal brings us to Buffalo, then about 150 to 250 miles along the southern shore of Lake Erie to the trucking destination. Stay tuned for the final plan, although we would like to be ready to fly to Victoria by the 18th June for Ally’s graduation. Next blog will be about the beautiful Erie Canal, 338 miles from Waterford on the Hudson to Tonawanda, 10 miles east of Buffalo.

3 thoughts on “The Erie Canal, but first “Crossing our Wake”….”

  1. So glad that FC is coming west. After such a fine trip with you guys and Jaya, I feel that she is a great addition to your fleet. Summer is in Victoria, and we thank you for that stretching of spring up the east coast. Peter and I think that we have seen that red shirt before, Bill!

  2. Can’t believe you’ve almost completed your “loop”! You’ve covered an awful lot of ground (sorry … water!) in the process … what an amazing trip! We’re looking forward to having you home around the 18th … anxious to hear more details of your adventures. Thanks for your call on Friday, Bill. Russ tried to call back, but couldn’t make the number work. Will just have to get caught up when you get home!

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