The Hudson River and beyond

New York City might be hard to beat for vibrancy and activity, but the Hudson River Valley is the most beautiful river we have travelled. Our first stop was Half Moon Bay; the first night was a nice calm change from the rock and rolling at 79th Street Boat Basin, the second night was noisy due to 30 knot winds.



The Hudson River Valley was spectacular: lush, fresh spring green deciduous trees, hills, cliffs and the distant Catskill Mountains…all new scenery for Friendly Cove.

The express train takes folks into town, along the Hudson from as far away as Albany, about 90 miles up river
There are many gracious homes and farms along the Hudson, including the famous ones belonging to the Rockerfellers, Vanderbilts and Roosevelts. Second homes for New Yorkers would be very appealing in the Hudson Valley, less that 100 miles from the city.
Sandhurst military training college
A number of lighthouses still exist in the middle of the river
Numerous bridges cross the river, some were built over 150 years ago.


These lighthouses appear more comfortable that many of those we have previously seen!
Back to the barges, we saw about one per hour and heard the running most of the night. Easier to navigate as they were mostly just on one barge and the river was much wider and deeper.

Peter and Kathe rented a car for their trip out to Cape Cod and Conneticut, so we joined them for a brief trip to Westchester County and a glimpse of Long Island Sound.  Westchester is clearly a very wealthy county with miles of beautiful white clapboard homes set in rolling green gardens, with gracious trees and long driveways.  Not a Walmart in sight!





Sadly, Peter and Kathe departed yesterday and we pushed on past Catskill Creek and Troy, north of Albany, to join the Erie Canal. Tonight we are tied up at the Waterford free dock, ready for the canal in the morning.

Albany, capitol of New York State


A yacht commissioned by General Patton before WWII that he called “When and If” I survive the war, my wife and I will sail around the world. He did not survive and the yacht has new owners.


The Erie Canal is about 350 miles to Buffalo on Lake Erie, and then we are considering making arrangements to take FC to Cleveland, Ohio, for short-term storage and trucking to Washington State. Tales of the Erie Canal will begin tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “The Hudson River and beyond”

  1. Where r u now??
    We r in process of trucking “Pattey B” to Bremerton Washington. Will be there 2 years to be closer to the folks.
    Can hardly wait to hear from You

    1. Hi, great to hear from you. We completed yesterday while on the Erie Canal. We too will be trucking FC to Washington. Will try to call you regarding who is doing your trucking. Talk soon Bill and Caroline 224 703 3489

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